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2022- 2023 LWC Community Impact Project

Our Vision is a world without hunger.

Our Mission is to end hunger by creating sustainable communities through equitable access to aid, education, and resource

About Food Helpers

Food Helpers is Washington County's leader for helping those who are fighting against hunger. Over 37 years, our non-profit organization has provided programs distributing supplement food and nutritional information/education to food insecure residents of Washington County.

The USDA and Feeding America estimate that there are about 26,000 food-insecure people in Washington County, PA. While there are many great food support programs, it is also estimated that roughly 46% of the food insecure population may not be eligible for traditional, government-funded food programs. It's hard enough to ask for help, but to then be turned away is unthinkable. This is where Food Helpers steps in, to offer aid, education, and resources for this forgotten group.

The Community Impact Project is an important component of the leadership program. Program participants work together in small teams with a Washington County nonprofit organization, addressing an organizational challenge or strategic issue.

The experience is designed to be mutually beneficial for both the non-profit organization and the class participants. The non-profit will identify an issue or challenge it is facing and the class participants will research and propose creative solutions to the problem. This provides the participants with a better understanding of our community needs and a deeper appreciation of community involvement.