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4 Ways to donate to LWC

LWC Builds Business Leaders

The Clifton StrengthsFinder program is a competency-based positive assessment focusing individual’s natural strengths. The assessment helps identify areas where each person has the greatest potential for success.

LWC use StregthsFinders to build self-awareness, to understand how we build relationships and positively influence others as leaders.

LWC Builds Community Leaders

LWC introduces participants to the importance of community involvement by educating participants about volunteer & board membership opportunities on nonprofits boards within Washington County.

The capstone of the program is a Community Class Project that benefits a Washington County area nonprofit organization. The class is responsible for planning and implementing various events to raise money and awareness for the organization or cause.

LWC Builds Professional Networks

LWC welcome leaders in all stages of their professional career. LWC is interested in managers who want to positively change Washington County communities and business. LWC encourage paticipation from both the public and private sectors buiness and develops cross functional project team for creatvitivty and dirverse views.

LWC Educates Leaders About Washington County

LWC hosts monthly day-long sessions designed to foster participants’ engagement in learning about Washington County Resources. Our program offers both classroom based education as well as practical exposure in areas such as Business & Economic Development, Government & Politics and Community Leadership.