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Matthew Thiel board member photo

Matthew Thiel

President, AUMA-USA

Matt Thiel was appointed President of AUMA Actuators Inc in January of 2016. Matt is responsible for AUMA’s North American operations, which includes manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing and service. AUMA Actuators Inc. operates two facilities in North America, a manufacturing center in Canonsburg Pa and a Service and Automation center in Houston Texas. Matt joined AUMA in February of 2015 as Executive Vice President.

Prior to AUMA, he worked at Bacharach Inc as Vice President of Fixed Instrumentation. Matt has a B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master’s in Management and Technology and an MBA, both from Carlow University in Pittsburgh. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA), Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Southpointe CEO Association.