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LWC Masterclass series provides education and professional networking opportunities to a diverse group of leaders to positively influence others in Southwestern PA.

Our Masterclass programming enables us to extend our commitment to developing strong leaders in the community by inclusively offering leadership training for career professionals.

LWC offers three types of Masterclass programs. Each segment offers purposeful content relating to thought leadership, authenticity, and personal influence. The intent is to promote personal growth for any individual, no matter the level of leadership experience, our program will help elevate leadership across our region.


EMPOWER assists women to accelerate their leadership skills, career development, and allies to enhance professional influence and rise above barriers.


ELEVATE is for experienced managers with the focus on advanced approaches for leading and cultivating team excellence.


EMERGE focuses on transitioning professionals into management by moving from a self- leader to a leaders of others.

Upcoming Sessions

Take Charge of Your Career: Create a Path to Success in a Three-Part Series

How often do we pause to assess where we are and where we want to go? This three-part series will guide participants through career reflection, celebrate accomplishments and pitfalls, identify critical needs now, and build a plan for where they want to go.

Stephanie Masters is a CliftonStrengths certified coach and organizational development consultant who has helped hundreds of professionals define their path will facilitate the series.

This series is ideal for anyone evaluating where they are and where they want to go if they are a/an:

  • Individual contributor looking to grow into management
  • Managers looking at developing their expertise
  • Business Owner looking to expand their brand and
  • reach within their communities
  • Company looking to develop high-potential leaders

Leading on Purpose: How Authentic Leaders are Differentiators in Today’s Workplace

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last three years. With this change comes the imperative for organizations to help their leaders evolve or risk being left behind their competition. If you want to effectively address high employee turnover, a competitive job market, and the challenges of hybrid work cultures, you need prepared, confident leaders. 

In this workshop we will share how “leading on purpose” is about practicing leadership with great focus, intention, and authenticity. We start with creating the right mindset, teaching the tools to build new habits, and leading participants through real-to-life application opportunities. 

Together, we’ll explore and apply concepts focusing on these high-impact learning objectives: 

  • Understand the new leadership imperative of being authentic to be effective 
  • Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence to lead with confidence 
  • Learn the importance of and how to express vulnerability to build trust with your team 
  • Create a culture of belonging that fosters connectivity and psychological safety 
  • Identify and apply new daily habits that engage in-person and remote team members 

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